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Dear Coles Community, 
Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 10th, Coles will host parent-teacher conferences and there are no classes for students.
Report cards can be picked up from 11:45am to 6:00pm, except for 3pm to 4pm which is a teacher meal break. 
We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!



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Coles Family Handbook 2023-2024

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Coles Student Survey 

Dear Parent and/or Guardian, (download the PDF)

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is committed to supporting the academic progress of all students. The purpose of this letter is to provide you with an understanding of how we support individual students through structured intervention, how you can engage in that process, and how you can remain informed about your child’s progress. Many children successfully learn at school with universal instructional practices. However, some children need extra or intensive support in order to succeed. Multi-Tiered
System of Supports (MTSS) is a framework that helps schools and teachers give all CPS students the support they need to learn, grow, and succeed.

The MTSS framework helps schools create systems to:

  • Identify each child’s needs and provide support as early as possible.
  • Use research-based strategies and provide evidence-based interventions.
  • Align supports to meet each child’s needs.
  • Regularly monitor each child’s progress to know if instruction, strategies, and interventions are effectively meeting their needs.
  • Adjust instruction, strategies, and interventions as needed.
  • Include parents or guardians while developing and implementing supports.

MTSS has three tiers of instruction/intervention and support:

  • Tier I includes the instruction and support provided to all children.
  • Tier II (Supplemental) serves children needing more help. Additional instruction or intervention and support are provided to these children in small groups.
  • Tier III (Intensive) is for children who need intensive support in order to succeed. Additional instruction, intervention, and support are provided to these children in even smaller groups or in one-on-one settings.

Every child’s progress is assessed multiple times per year to check whether their needs are being met, what additional resources may help them succeed, and then to adjust their supports as needed. Universal screening, diagnostic and progress monitoring assessments are administered based on the assessment schedule and/or type of intervention that is being provided. The evidence-based support and instruction children receive within each tier is based on multiple data points and will vary according to each child’s learning levels. If your child is identified as needing Tier II or Tier III support you can request your child’s MTSS data from our school at any time.

When we implement MTSS, it helps us provide each student the support they need to be successful. For additional information, please contact Loretha Brown

Thank you,

Charlie Mcspadden

  • Free Breakfast and Lunch 8am to 1pm Monday thru Friday  Door 8
Attached is the Lunch form that needs to be completed by every family and emailed back to the school to lldixion@cps.edu
If you are unable to download form please pick up one from the main office from 9am til 2pm daily. If you pick up we ask that you complete it at home and drop back off due to Covid.

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Coles is a World Language Magnet Cluster participant. Students receive daily Spanish instruction. Coles is one of the highest performing schools in Network 12. Coles offers an abundance of academic and extra-curricular activities to promote their "Where learning is fun" motto. Coles participates in the annual CPS Academic Olympics. Coles Chess Team has placed in the city competition 3 consecutive years (2008, 2009 and 2010) and also in 2014. Coles administration, students and community are actively involved in the overall academic, social and emotional development of the student population.